Massage Services


Relieves stress, anxiety and improves circulation.
Helps reduce muscle soreness and tension.

Trigger point work helps  alleviate knots which are hyper contracted muscle tissue. Myofascial release is applied which helps loosen the fascia, connective tissue that covers muscles.
 Depending on individualized needs, your therapeutic massage may also include Neuromuscular therapy.

Deep Tissue
 Is the application of Therapeutic Treatment massaged deeply into the tissues of the body to reach deeper layers of muscles and fascia which is the connective tissue surrounding the muscles.  It is great for chronic aches, pain and contracted muscle tension such as stiff neck and shoulders, upper and lower back pain and leg tightness. 

NOTE: Deep Tissue massage should not cause a reduction in mobility, bruising or excruciating pain. It is however common to have slight soreness for the following 1 to 2 days after deep tissue work. By the third day you should feel fully recovered and feel invigorated. The soreness you feel should be similar to working a new muscle, or adding heavier weights to your workout and should never last more than 1-2 days


All massages session are professional therapeutic massages.
Draping is required


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